Saturday, 7 June 2014

Maleficent Free Fall Apk v1.0.0 Download

From the creators of Disney’s #1 hit game Frozen Free Fall comes an all-new match 3 puzzle-adventure, Maleficent Free Fall! Inspired by Disney’s epic live-action film Maleficent, you’ll embark on a spectacular journey with exciting and challenging objectives like you have never seen before!
Requirement: 2.3.3 and up | Size: 60mb | Version: 1.0.0
VISIT: Google Play | CLICK HERE >>>  Maleficent Free Fall Apk v1.0.0

A DARK TWIST ON MATCH 3 – Switch and slide the board of enchanted gemstones to create matches of 3 or more as you trigger cascading combos and conquer original objectives!
EVIL HAS A BEGINNING – Begin your first chapter as young Maleficent, journey through the map to explore the untold story, unlock her raven, Diaval and discover MANY other mysterious surprises!
THE POWER OF MALEFICENT – Cast Maleficent’s green magic to instantly vanish the same color gemstones, call upon Diaval to swoop down and rearrange the board, or cast tendrils of thorns to clear entire row and columns! Unlock more unique power-ups along the way and experience Maleficent’s fierce desire for revenge!
Maleficent Free Fall is free to play but some in-game items may require payment. Visit for matching game tips, news and more! Don’t forget to see Disney’s Maleficent, in theaters May 30 – check your local listings for showtimes!

Temple Run: Brave Apk v1.5.1 Download

TEMPLE RUN: BRAVE IS AN OFFICIAL APP WITH AN ALL NEW LOOK AND ARCHERY FEATURES!From Imangi, the makers of Temple Run, and Disney comes a new take on the most exhilarating app. 
 Requirement: 2.3.3 and up | Size: 36mb | Version: 1.5.1
VISIT: Google Play | CLICK HERE >>>  Temple Run: Brave Apk v1.5.1

New features just for Temple Run: Brave --
• Introducing ARCHERY – tap targets to shoot a bullseye and earn extra coins
• New, amazing visuals. It looks better than ever!
• All new environments inspired by Disney/Pixar Brave and the wilds of Scotland
• Play as Merida from Disney/Pixar Brave
• Outrun Mordu, the demon bear, to earn running glory
Bonus: Download Temple Run: Brave and start running with $.99 worth of coins for FREE, that’s 2500 coins for power-ups and more!
Also includes all the great features from Temple Run:
• Simple swipe and tilt control that are easy to use and just feel right
• Level up your character and use crazy power-ups
• Endless play!

Friday, 30 May 2014

Worms 3 Apk Download v1.77

DEAL yourself the advantage with a new, game-changing enhancement. Turn on the card mode and alter the start and end of each turn by the playing of strategic cards. 
 Requirement: 2.3 and up | Size: 128mb | Version: 1.77
VISIT: Google Play | CLICK HERE >>>> Worms 3 Apk 1.77

 COLLECT in-game rewards that allow you to purchase bronze, silver and gold cards. Build your deck from 41 fiendishly designed cards!
ENLIST your perfect battle combination as you choose your worms from a new ‘Class’ system - Heavy, Scientist, Scout and classic Soldier. Each has their own unique skill and ability. Which will fit in with your style of play?
SHOW off your skills by earning Achievements! Delightful blends of the simple and complex, these goals have been deliberately engineered to push you and your wormy skills to the limits!
PLAY online with asynchronous multiplayer warfare. Enrol in ranked or friendly matches and show off your prowess. Remember, with asynchronous multiplayer you don’t have to commit to a full session at a time. Take your turn then go beat your friends score in the single-player Bodycount mode!
BATTLE in multiplayer Forts or Deathmatch modes and challenge yourself with the increasingly difficult Bodycount single-player game.
CONQUER 27 single-player missions across 4 new themes (Beach, Spooky, Farmyard and Sewer).
CUSTOMISE your squad and make them unique with a huge amount of customisation elements new to Android!
INCOMING! All your old favourite weapons plus six new ones on Android, including a couple of returning classics such as the Old Lady and the Homing Pigeon!
BE THE BEST and worm your way to the top of the Leaderboards across all major game modes including single player as well as asynchronous online ranked matches.
GREATER CONTROL for players who can now choose between an all-new D-Pad control system and the original touch controls.
MARVEL at the glorious streamlined menu system. Gamers can now enjoy a much more pleasant and navigable menu system with a quick access player HUB for all updates and information!
The game requires “Read_Contacts” permission for finding friends for multiplayer matches. The game also requires "Read_Phone_State" permission for analytics purposes.

Deemo Apk Download v1.4.1 (UNLOCKED)

From team Cytus, a world acclaimed music rhythm game.
Rayark brings you Deemo, a hybrid of music rhythm game and the story of urban fantasy, with hand-drawn art, story-telling gallery and real instrumental feedback of piano key sound.
 Requirement: 4.0 and up | Size: 363gb | Version: 1.4.1
VISIT: Google Play | CLICK HERE >>>> Deemo Apk v1.4.1 (Zippyshare) PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3
 Deemo is a mystic character lives in solitude, a castle, all by itself. A little girl falls from the sky, not knowing who she is, where she comes from. To help the little girl back to her world, Deemo comes to realize a tree keeps growing tall on top of the piano whenever it plays.

 What would Deemo do when it gets comfortable with the companionship it never had before? What if the little girl couldn't deal with the truth when her seemingly lost memories regained?!
"Never left without saying goodbye".
-Unlock more tracks when the game progresses
-33 songs in various music genres and 99 variations, many of which from famous composers
-Simple and intuitive gameplay
-Real piano instrumental feedback
-Search for clues in the loft & library.
-Twitter and Facebook score sharing function
*The Free version has limited story progress, unlock the Full version to enjoy the full experience of Deemo.
What's New
Thanks to the ardent support of players around the globe, Deemo v1.4 has officially launched.
-Add two new free songs.
-Add two new song packs that can be purchased by the players (V.K. song pack, MILI song pack).
-Add new Cloud storage to save your game scores.
The Deemo storyline will be updated in the next version, so stay tuned.

Unearthed:Trail of Ibn Battuta Apk Download v1.3

 When fortune hunter Faris Jawad and his sister Dania receive a call to visit Morocco they embark on an exotic adventure throughout the Middle East on the trail of the famous Muslim explorer Ibn Battuta. 
Requirement: 4.0 and up | Size: 1.6gb | Version: 1.3
VISIT: Google Play | CLICK HERE >>>>  Unearthed:Trail of Ibn Battuta Apk v1.3 = (Zippyshare) PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6 | PART 7 | PART 8 | PART 9 | PART 10 | PART 11
 The trail won't be clear however as Faris will have to overcome an unholy alliance of a militia army leader, a weapons dealer and a wealthy antiquities smuggler who are after the same goal.

* Key Features:
◾Plays Great on NVIDIA SHIELD
◾Supports Android Controllers and MOGA controllers.
◾Travel across the Middle East from the wild life of Moroccan Atlas mountains to the alleys of old Damascus through the port of Alexandria and the metropolitan city of Dubai.
◾Unique mix of platforming, melee fighting, shooting and stealth gameplay.
◾Presented in a TV style episodic format along with recaps of previous episodes and teaser cliff hangers of what lies ahead.
◾Unlockable Survival Mode: Battle against endless waves of enemies (Mummies, Zombies, Ghouls) across varied maps with leaderboards support.
◾Unlockable Extras: Concept Art, Renders, Animatics, Cutscenes, Character Gallery and Treasures.
◾Available in 21 languages for menus\subtitles. Voice-over in Arabic and English.
* Gold Edition Features:
This Gold Edition contains over 120 fixes to the console version based on the reviews and player feedback, they are summarized as below:
◾ General: A restructured tutorial level to better introduce the game mechanics, No more colliding with ragdolls and small objects such as broken pot pieces which allows for easier movement, invisible walls to prevent falling from high surfaces, clear font size for hints and facts in the loading screens, re-recorded all the Arabic voiceover to remove the extra echo.
◾Hand to Hand Combat: Fully revamped hand to hand fighting system with brand new animations, full camera orbit control, more fluid response and streamlined special moves .
◾Shooting System: Re-balanced all the weapons to allow for weapon specific range, accuracy, reverb zones, recoil, auto, semi-auto and manual targeting, and brand new weapon SFX.
◾Driving System: Improved car handling, no more flipping when turning at very high speeds, orbit camera, Better driving enemy AI, Tire tracks, Full Physical Damage Model for the player car with smoke, sparks on colliding with other cars, props and buildings.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Dead on Arrival 2 Apk Mod v1.1.6 DOWNLOAD (UNLIMITED MONEY)

Tear through wave after wave of the walking dead as you fight for your life in an industrial playground filled with deadly traps and deadlier enemies. An intense top down survival shooter, bringing console quality graphics to your mobile device.

Size: Varies with device | Requirement: 2.3 and up | Version: 1.1.6
Featuring a Strategic Spending System, survival is based not just on your skills but also the decisions you’ll make about how to spend the precious Z-Bucks earnt from each kill. Making the wrong decision between more ammo now or a better weapon later could mean life or death.
What's New
v1.1.6: (27 May)
- Fixed issue that could cause game to get stuck during initialisation
 Team up with friends or strangers in 2-4 multiplayer and apply Mods to change the experience and give yourself the edge. Did somebody say Ice Bullets?How long can you survive the zombie onslaught?

Yes that's right! You can fight the zombie horde alone or join forces and take on the bloodthirsty masses with up to 3 other players in co-op mode.

Advanced lighting and shaders bring you a dark and gritty version of the zombie apocalypse
How long will you survive against endless waves of the undead?
Team up with your friends to fight the zombie horde together.

Unlock new areas of the map and use environmental traps to survive
Will you choose to buy more ammo for your pistol, unlock the door to the next area or save your Z-bucks to buy the rocket launcher? Better decide fast, the horde is right behind you!
Unlock and equip special modifiers such as Double Damage, Ice Bullets, Healing and more to change the way you play the game
Just because its the end of the world doesn’t mean you can’t fight the undead as a dinosaur. Or in scuba gear.
Showcase the power of your NVIDIA Tegra 4 device (such as the NVIDIA Shield) with Dead on Arrival 2
The sequel to Dead on Arrival brings new graphics, new zombies, new battlegrounds and new upgradeable weapons.
Keep pulling that trigger and see how long you can survive.

Monster Busters v1.0.30 Apk Download

MonsterBusters is a fun match-3 puzzle game for all ages. Match monsters by three or more to make them disappear and save Gingerbreads
Requirement: 3.0 and up | Size: 35mb | Version: 1.0.30
 Enjoy each and every stage with different challenges, we will bring you without a doubt an entertaining experience. Let's defeat the monsters and be a hero!

Dungeon Defenders Second Wave v7.6 Apk Download

Dungeon Defenders Second Wave "is a good role-playing game, which is the second wave of this series. The powerful game you should not hesitate! Gameplay and Dungeon Keeper generation no major changes, this version is still four different hero classes, each hero has a unique weapon.
Requirement: 2.1 and up | Size: 830mb | Version: 7.6
Google Play Link: NO LINK
 The same time, it strengthens the online multiplayer platform, only you and your friends support each other, and play to their strengths and avoid their weaknesses, you can win. The enemies in the game, including a variety of small monsters, orcs, dark elves, explosion Kobold, every one wants to try to tear your defense. The game has also joined the buy and sell goods shops and services.

 For Android
Dungeon Defenders Second Wave v7.6 Apk (TORRENT)
 Dungeon Defenders Second Wave v7.6 Apk | PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5
Put the data into SD card | Android | OBB | HERE
Dungeon Defenders Second Wave Apk + Data FULL


LINE POP Apk Download v2.4.2

LINE POP is an exciting puzzle game featuring cute n' cuddly LINE characters! Play along with Brown!!
Tap the characters, and watch 'em pop!!
 Requirement: 2.2 and up | Size: 23mb | Version: 2.4.2
VISIT: Google Play | CLICK HERE >>>> LINE POP Apk 2.4.2
It’s so easy! Swipe the characters to makes lines of 3 or more, and watch 'em pop! Pop as many as you can in 1 minute and try to get the highest score! Enter fever mode or use special items and things'll really heat up. Bam! Bam! POP!!
Invite your LINE friends to join the action!!
LINE POP is even more fun if you play with your LINE friends!
What's New
Ver. 2.4.2 Update
Thank you for playing LINE POP!
Here's what's new for this update.
・Weekly Missions Are Back!
The new missions are much easier to complete than before. Complete the more difficult ones to get amazing bonuses!
・Three new Minimons added.
・Various minor bug fixes
We hope you enjoy these updates, and thanks for playing LINE POP!

PAC-MAN MONSTERS Apk Download v1.16.0

One of the most beloved video game heroes PAC-MAN is back in mobile games in this simple free-to-play puzzler!
 Requirement: 4.0 and up | Size: 33mb | Version: 1.16.0
VISIT: Google Play | CLICK HERE >>>> PAC-MAN MONSTERS Apk v1.16.0
 - Control PAC-MAN with a swipe to gobble up pellets.
- The more pellets PAC-MAN eats, the stronger the attack your fellow monsters inflict on enemies.
- Embark on an adventure with your own team selected from more than 100 unique monsters from all over PAC-LAND.
Simple yet engaging puzzler
- Simply swipe the pellets and PAC-MAN will eat them up! Make a line of pellets in the same color to inflict more damage on your enemies!
Trigger Fever mode to beat ghosts!
- Ghosts are in your way! Eat power pellets to trigger Fever mode and enable PAC-MAN to beat ghosts. The more ghosts PAC-MAN beats, the higher the chance of Fever mode gets!
More than 100 quests to explore
- More than 100 levels await you in the PAC-LAND. Some special limited levels are only available on weekdays. - Challenge yourself to clear all the levels and save PAC-LAND!
More than 100 unique monsters
- Find wonder eggs during the adventure and hatch monsters from them. You can also grow and evolve them to make them stronger. Of course, the familiar character Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde, also appear! Create your own best monster team!

Batman & The Flash: Hero Run Apk Mod v1.1 DOWNLOAD (UNLIMITED)

Batman & the Flash: Hero Run!Become the savior of Gotham City and Gorilla City as you do battle with the Joker and fearsome Gorilla Grodd! 
 Requirement: 2.3 and up | Size: 43mb | Version: 1.1
VISIT: Google Play | CLICK HERE >>>> Batman & The Flash: Hero Run Apk Mod v1.1 (UNLIMITED COINS & GEMS)
 - Battle by night: As Batman, exit the shadows and liberate Gotham City from your nemesis, the Joker, and his army of twisted clown thugs.
- Race by day: As the Flash, face your archenemy Gorilla Grodd and his swarm of fearsome gorillas deep in the mysterious Gorilla City.
Become an unstoppable running force through the streets of Gotham City and Gorilla City.
- Equip your characters with the latest game changing gadgets and weapons from your intimidating arsenal.
- Burst through hordes of thugs and race to intense, dramatic boss battles with the Joker and Gorilla Grodd.
Take control of legendary DC Comics heroes and villains to experience the running revolution within the DC Comics Universe.
- Featuring: Batman and the Flash.
- Experience the mayhem and play as the Joker, Catwoman or Gorilla Grodd by unlocking their characters’ cards in exhilarating card collection gameplay.
- Every character has many faces: collect all the costume cards to live the many versions of these iconic characters.
Play as the Joker from The Dark Knight Returns, Wally West Flash, experience the never before seen Batman Wing Armor, and more!
- Demonstrate your strength by defeating enemies to level up character cards and become more powerful.
- Fuse and evolve every character to unlock unique powers and abilities.
The game is intended for players of 12 years or older.