The story takes place in a peaceful world: Coleman. For a long period of time, all the races in the world live a peaceful and happy life. Until one day, the terrible Lord appears. He leads a murderous corp, wanting to break the harminous life, and to rule the world.
 Requirement: 2.1 and up | Size: 31mb | Version:
VISIT: Google Play
With the original fingertips-micro-battle mode, you can play Misssion of Crisis to your heart's content!
1. The original zombie corp, will be the smartest enemy on your phone;
2. The powerful zombie corp, will test your real-time tactical strategy;
3. The real-time combat system, will challenge your operation limit from time to time;
4. The unique talents and skills system, will create the most powerful army of your own;
5. For the highest honor in the arena, you will compete with global players.
 Very soon, the Lord conquers the most dangerous land: the hell. He builds a kingdom of his own there. With everything ready, the Lord declares a war to the dog race: the most populous race. With horrible powers, the Lord corp initiates crazy attacks to the dog race.
What's New
1.add new weapon: add battle dragon line weapon
2.itesms adjustment: items are reduce to 6 types.Previously, users'small bottle iten can upgrade to big one automatically.Cancel the selling item function
3.gameplay adjustment:re-design the match map of arena
4.New Achievement: to get the reward by complete 79 achievement in advanture mode and 75 achievement in Arena
5.SOLO adjustment:now user can select one hero to challenge others in every mission of SOLO challenge
 Mission Of Crisis Apk Mod (VERSION

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