FIGHT ALL THE WAY TO VICTORY! Take your action figure toys to a fighting adventure never seen before on mobile. Your bedroom is a toys battleground and there can be only one winner in this Fight Club. Whose side are you on? It’s TechnoTitans vs. Smash Heads! 
 Requirement: 2.3 and up | Size: 41mb | Version: 1.01.19
VISIT: Google Play
 Toys Alive: Fight Club features: 

► AMAZING GRAPHICS: Enjoy all characters in highly detailed 3D graphics
► SIMPLE CONTROLS: Tap the attack button at the right time to unleash special attacks and combo moves
► QUICK FIGHTS: Defeat your opponents in quick 30 seconds fights
 ► NON-STOP ACTION: Toys keep fighting in stunning animations
► UNIQUE TOY CHARACTERS: Each with their own special weapon and ability 

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