The Moon Goons have crashed their scout ship on an unknown world. They need to save their buddies and collect coins to progress through the various areas of the world. To aid their journey they will collect power ups, ride rockets, and much more…
 Requirement: 2.3 and up | Size: 30mb | Version: 1.1.12
VISIT: Google Play
 Along the way the Goons will encounter many pitfalls and obstacles including monster fly traps, lava pools, giant crabs, shrimps in Microlites, plus many more!
 It’s a running, jumping, charging game but you’re not alone. Progression through the game allows the player to save their buddies along the way who become part of their troop and help them through the game. Buddies also act as extra lives. Each time a Goon drops out, the next buddy in line takes over as the leader.

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